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Yoga studios are oases of tranquility and transformation in our busy lives. Most often they are born of a dream to create a sacred space that can support the healing and upliftment of all.

Unfortunately, the reality of managing a yoga studio is often not a peaceful experience in itself -- sometimes it can even separate us from the values that led to the formation of the studio in the first place.

The on-the-ground, day-to-day management of a studio means accounting and budgeting, a whole lot of logistics, organizing schedules, managing teachers and substitues, customer service, and trying to stay up with all the latest website and social media tools, and otherwise becoming an all-star marketing expert.

Because after all, you have to get students in the door to create the financial abundance that makes everything else possible.

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One of our primary missions is to help yoga studios reach more people, to amplify their impact and help them do what they do best.

That's why we've developed the following options to simplify marketing, and reach the people who are actively searching for yoga.

It allows you to create a Featured Studio listing with a few different options to make you stand out, and to make it as easy as possible to get the right students in the door.

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