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Everyone's transformative yoga journey begins with a teacher. It's a special gift to be able to create a healing and welcoming space and provide the right mix of guidance and support to open the door to all the incredible benefits that yoga has to offer.

Unfortunately, like many in the teaching profession, this incredibly important role is undervalued.

The challenge of making a living as a yoga teacher can sometimes get in the way of everything that we love about teaching yoga.

After all, didn't you become a yoga teacher to preach and practice yoga, not spend your time rushing from class to class, building a website, trying to stay caught up on social media, and otherwise becoming a small-business owner, accountant, and marketing expert?

Reach the people who are searching for yoga

One of our primary missions is to help yoga teachers reach more people and make a better living, doing what they do best.

That's why we've developed the following options to simplify marketing, and reach the people who are actively searching for yoga.

It allows you to create a teacher profile with a few different options to make you stand out, and to make it as easy as possible for others to follow your social media profiles and sign up for your mailing list.

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